Words I Might Have Ate - 1990 Home Demo

Tomorrow as an early Christmas gift to Green Day fans, Santa409 has sent in a never before released home demo of Words I Might Have Ate. The video will be live on the website at noon Eastern and this post will be updated with the video as well. Enjoy and happy holidays everyone!


Oh wow merry christmas! So awesome

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one!

This was cool. Would be neat if the rest of those Kerplunk demos surface eventually.

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I always loved the little “Why?” in this song. It’s so unique.


This isn’t a demo from that session - those were recorded in May 1991 and this one was recorded some time prior to October of 1990. I’m sure those demos will see the light one day though.

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This is obviously an earlier version from the demo because the song is still missing the bridge.

what songs are there in the kerplunk demos?

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I think if you go to the studio sessions page on greendayfm it has it there

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