Why Have We Gone To Dark Mode?

I noticed today that this forum is now suddenly in dark mode and the interface changed a little?

Just refreshed and we have gone back to light mode with a light blue background. I have not changed any of my settings. Not sure what is happening.

OK, finally went into the settings and put things back to the default and now they look the way they used to. But I hadn’t changed anything previously, so I don’t know how things got changed around today.

It has always gone to dark mode in the evening for me automatically

Ah, OK. First time it ever did it for me. Not sure why it then bounced back to light mode before I even reset it though.

Maybe you didn’t have this checked and some kind of update checked it off for you? I have never changed anything and this is how it was in my settings

Yes by default it should go to dark mode based on your computer or phone’s dark mode settings. There’s also an icon on the bottom of the sidebar (or hamburger menu on mobile) to switch it manually, if you’re in light mode it will show a little moon and if you’re in dark mode it will show a little sun - just click it to switch.

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Thank you both for the explanation! No, nothing had changed in my settings and I have everything set to light mode by default. So not sure. But at least I got it straightened out!