What’s your embarrassing Green Day moment?

This is gonna be a long post.
So mine was the first night I’d ever done karaoke. I asked the dude running it what Green Day songs they had on whatever software they were using and it was a surprising amount. A couple songs in I was doing great. Welcome to Paradise seemed to get my friends excited. So next I decide to go with Give Me Novocaine and I was pretty confident. And then I get up on stage in front of a very bored, mostly middle aged crowd in a hotel restaurant and realize 3 things: 1) The lyric slideshow had very clearly been imported from an outdated version of this software and was off time, 2) the lyrics it’s displaying are wrong, choruses where there shouldn’t be choruses, and 3) no one there, not even my friends who are familiar with GD, has even heard of this song. Even my friends were weirded out. I had to just stumble my way awkwardly through the song. Can’t listen to it anymore without cringing at myself for even trying. Haven’t done karaoke again since. The only thing that saved that night was the kid screaming Smells Like Teen Spirit at the top of his lungs just going absolutely nuts, he was cool.

TLDR: failed at Give Me Novocaine on karaoke and can’t listen now without cringing

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Yeah, that’s certainly embarrassing. Karaoke is typical like that unless it’s a crummy pop song or the whole place is totally drunk.


I don’t have an especially embarrassing GD moment but I deffo have embarrassing karaoke moments lmao. One being when me and my uni friends got drunk and decided to absolutely murder Welcome To The Black Parade. Best thing I ever saw tho was a guy who would go to the karaoke night every week and pick a different song, then just whip out a kazoo and play All Star by Smash Mouth over the top, absolutely corpsed me.


Oh man, that sounds terrible. Not sure Give Me Novacaine was a wise choice for karaoke.


Yeah, I think I found that out the hard way lol