What is the worst green day single and what would replace it with and what is the best

For me it is meet me on the roof and fire ready aim and I would replace it with sugar youth and graffitia and the best I would say when I come around


I wouldn’t even consider either of those as proper singles, they are what I’d call “promo singles” in that they weren’t actually expected to be played on radio. I’d agree that your alternatives would have been better though.

I think they’ve made a lot of poor choices for singles but what seems obvious to us may not actually appeal to the general public. I remember being confused that Blvd was released as a single before Holiday which I thought was a huge mistake at the time. Turned out to be their most successful single ever and Holiday did just ok in comparison.

I could pick numerous songs from each album that I think would have been better singles - Oh Love charted well and I think it’s one of their worst ever single choices. So my opinion is biased based on what I wanna hear from them vs what the public likes.


Totally agree about Oh Love, awful choice for a single, should have been Nuclear Family.


Or Stay the Night


Both those songs would have been waaaay better uno singles, tbh I think all the singles from that album were not great choices


if your not including the promotional singles I would say it would be father of all and oh yeah because oh love was the wrong choice but I would rather listen to oh love and I would use the same alternates


never forget troublemaker got a video but let yourself go only got a live video


I love the let yourself go video Billies energy is beautiful as he is in it :joy: