Welcome Forum Testers

First of all, thank you to everyone who signed up to help test the forum. This is a bit long (sorry) but probably helpful information I hope.

If you aren’t familiar with Discourse, the forum software we are using here, it’s a little different than the forums you’re probably used to. The main difference is, instead of being presented with a list of topic categories when viewing the forum, you see a front page like you would on Reddit for example. The front page will show the currently active topics in any of the forum categories. Categories of course do still exist and can be accessed from the sidebar or dropdown at the top of the page. Along with categories, each post will be tagged which creates an additional subcategory. So for example a post in the Green Day category may have a tag of #audiovideo and clicking that tag will show you all the previous posts that used that tag.

Another big difference is that topics do not have pages, posts will just continue to load as you scroll down. On desktop, you’ll notice a date slider on the right-hand side of the post that allows you to quickly skip through the topic to any date. When you enter a topic you’ve previously viewed, you’ll automatically be jumped to where you left off reading previously.

There are other things that are different but those are what you will notice right away. What I’d like you guys to do is just use the forum as you normally would and just report anything happening that bothers you (ie. the mod bot not allowing certain actions you think it should) and I will correct it if necessary. I also plan to make a user guide for new members so if there is anything you found difficult to figure out (ie. toggling light/dark mode), let me know and I’ll add it to the guide.

You’re also welcome to suggest any additional features, tags, etc that you’d like to see added or ask me any questions by replying to this thread.

Some questions you may have…

  1. Why add a forum when you already have r/GreenDay and the Green Day Discord?

We are trying to build a community for each use case and the one that is currently left out is what I call long-focus topics which I hope the forum will fill. Posts on the subreddit get buried within a day or two which discourages ongoing conversations on a topic. While Reddit is short focus, Discord is community focused and mostly a collection of like-minded fans getting to know each other and discussing other topics.

  1. GDC already exists so why do we need another forum?

I am a member of GDC and have been for many many years and will continue to be. We aren’t looking to take away members from there or compete with them in any way. That said, there are several things we will do differently such as no ads, no donations, no downtime for payment issues and having the forum open to view to anyone without forcing you to be a member to read. We also wanted to have a dedicated place for people to buy/sell/trade their GD items and just generally have a more modern forum experience.

  1. Why is it called Idiot Forum?

No, it’s not because of American Idiot, it’s a homage to the bands now defunct fan club called the Idiot Club (later Idiot Nation) that long predates the album.

  1. Do I get anything for beta testing?

All testers will get a badge on their account. Once the forum opens, the top active members will be eligible for a monthly draw until 1972 drops starting with the Nimrod XXV box set for January.

  1. When will the forum open to the public?

The goal is to have it open in two weeks on January 1, 2023.

Thank you again for helping out and please feel free to suggest or ask anything you like in the comments below.


This is really cool thanks for the invite! I will let you know if there are any probklems

If we already ordered the nimrod box and win can we get an alternative prize maybe?

In that case I would send an Amazon gift card of equal value.

Well hi everyone. Have no idea how to use this sort of forum but happy to try it out.


I really like this actually! Looking forward to it being open.

Welcome! if you have any questions on how to use the forum let me know and I’ll make sure those are answered in the new user guide when I write it up. I know it’s more confusing on mobile if you aren’t used to how everything works on desktop where you can easily see the categories in the sidebar.

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Thanks for the invite, I’ll try to test it as much as I can.

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I actually do have a question. On my laptop the forum is dark mode at night and light mode in the day time but I want dark mode all the time. How do I do that or is that not possible?

Go to your user profile preferences and select interface and change the scheme to dark. I can add a toggle to the sidebar if that’s easier

How many testers are there?

A lot of people signed up but a lot of the emails bounced when I sent out invites and some didn’t put an email so I couldn’t send an invite. Of the 50ish that did go through about 10 have actually signed up

it’s an honour and a pleasure to be a beta tester

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Hello! Thanks for the invite. This place looks great!

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Gosh, really sorry, I signed up as tester and then life too over and I have hardly been able to visit. It’s looking good though and nice to see the topics building up.


No worries, happy to have you here whenever life allows :slight_smile:

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I look forward to monthly draws for the next three years!