Was welcome to paradise the second single from dookie?

On greendayfm it says it’s the third single released in September but on Wikipedia it says it’s the second single released in March?


I’m gonna post articles on Dookie and American Idiot’s release dates that track their success for a year on Billboard in relation to single releases, tv appearances, touring, etc so I’m actually in the middle of working on the Dookie one.

The March release date never made sense for WTP since Longview only started climbing the Billboard and MTV charts in March. I’ll go into this in the article but I’ve looked at January - July 1994 so far and there has been zero mention of WTP.

I think the misconception comes from them playing WTP on tv in February a couple times which was probably more because it was their first times performing on tv and it was a song they’d played a ton before live and would be more comfortable with and also the song is maybe a bit more tv friendly not being about masturbation.


Excited to see that timelien you put together!

I think you’re right about the mixup being because they played it on tv. I always liked how they played a good mix on tv that year (including their surprise Armatage Shanks at the VMAs) instead of just one single. I also wonder if people get confused, because the video for WTP was shot much earlier in the year and presumably before the Basket Case video was filmed.