Uncensored Longview Video?

I was watching an interview earlier in the week and it had clips from the Longview video, one of my favourites. However, the video wasnt censored. I couldnt find an uncensored video like with American Idiot, just wondering if anyone has it or knows where it is.

Is this what you were looking for, just with the swear words? I only ask because you said you looked and it was the first result when I searched on Google lol

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Thank you. When I searched YouTube I couldn’t find it, the UK has weird filters on uncensored shit, so thank you.


No problem, that UK censorship must get annoying real quick

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A VPN can be handy for situations like this lol. I sometimes use one when trying to find obscure interviews that are for some reason region blocked.

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Ill look into one, just set myself as US and YouTube will dramatically change lol