TMI Sexual Health Situation That I Need Help/Advice For

I need advice for something really devastating that I found out about myself recently. I have been trying to talk to friends, but they don’t believe me. I do have a doctor’s appointment coming up about this, but the problem is that I am physically unable to do what I need to do to prep for said appointment. If this isn’t allowed here I understand, but I need help. I am only interested in discussing this with people who are sex positive and are open to medical facts/not welded to sex myths, and preferably people who have vaginas and/or have medical expertise.

Yeah this isnt the place for this. Im sure there are other forums/subreddits for this

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Maybe we should let the mods decide that. I have asked on other platforms and am just really not getting help.

Sounds like you’re really going through something right now, and I’m sorry you can’t turn to your friends, but I’m not sure discussing this on a random Green Day forum is the right place. Not saying you can’t or that you shouldn’t, but I worry about leaving yourself open and vulnerable to trolls (not that this place has that, it has generally been very pleasant). Also, I think that if you’re struggling to prep for a doctor’s appointment, your first step should be contacting your doctor. I don’t say that to be condescending at all but because any medical advice you’re listening to and taking should only come from a professional.

Having said that, I am female and can listen should you want to continue.


I appreciate that. Yeah, I knew this might be weird, but I have found that sometimes talking to strangers is easier than talking to friends. Sometimes stuff like this can strain the relationship with friends. And I totally feel you on trolls; I have dealt with plenty of them elsewhere, but this place seems great.

Could I PM you about this maybe?

Just an update, which happens to be Green Day related LOL. I successfully completed my pap smear today. I wore my American Idiot shirt to make myself feel better and then she started going on about how she loves Green Day too and was just talking to someone about them. So then she had me get out my laptop and play some Green Day while she did the exam to help me relax (because I was very scared that my body was not going to cooperate). So I start it up and of course the first song it starts playing is Blood, Sex, and Booze. :rofl: The exam was over before the song even finished. Pretty quick and easy getting the speculum in out and out, though it did burn a bit when she clicked it open inside me.