The White Collars (my band)

Hey guys! My name is Neil, I’m in this band The White Collars and we play all sorts of music ranging from rock to ska. I wanted to share our stuff here because people have told us we have a similar sound to Green Day (they’re my favorite band so there’s definitely influences). I would say the two songs that are most similar to the Green Day sound are “Not Gonna” and “Hey You” off our debut album Vintage Collars. I’ll link them below if you feel like listening, let me know what you think!

Not Gonna

Hey You

Special thanks to Jason for putting me on to the forum, you rock dude! :metal:


Wow these are really good thanks for sharing! You have a whole album out I see, I will have to check it all out


Awesome Neil, glad you posted and I hope some others check out your music! As I said to you earlier, it’s really cool to see how talented some of Green Day’s fans are.


I actually just stumbled into Neil’s band when he posted a picture on the Green Day sub of him playing live with GD art on his shirt. I looked at his profile and saw their video for vintage collars which was really well done so I listened to the album and was very impressed. His band was the reason I made this section of the forum so that fans would have somewhere to promote their work to other fans.

Their video isn’t linked above (probably because it’s a song that sounds nothing like GD) but it’s a fun song and great video so you should check it out as well.


I don’t have Spotify but that video is really cool! I will try an look u up on Amazon music


wow man, that sounds sick! i’ll definitely be checking out more of your music.


You just got yourself a new fan, really love the music!


That video is sick, I wonder if they made it themselves because it seems to well done to be just homemade?


Our friend who is good with cameras helped us record it and our other guitarist/ singer edited in this program called Da Vinci Resolve, he spent so long on it hahaha, I’m glad it looks professional:)


Dude, you guys are sick! Are ya’ll on YT-Music?


They should be, I know they are on Apple Music so I would imagine they are on all the major streaming platforms.