The Offspring offically in the studio!

Man I wish Green Day was like this with their fans. Either way looking foward to the new album by these guys. Let the Bad Times Roll was such a meh album to me apart from the title track


Yeah, I thought their last album absolutely sucked. Hopefully they step it up with this one.


Yeah one thing I do wish is that GD and some of the other larger bands I’m into were a bit more forthcoming with their fans in terms of info. Like, one of my other favorite bands besides GD is While She Sleeps and they have a fan club you can join on Patreon where they will literally do live streams in the studio, vlog updates, and I even got to contribute gang vocals to a song cuz they asked their members to send in sound clips which was really cool. I’m not saying I need Green Day to do all that cuz they are a much bigger band in a different situation, but the lack of info and updates generally means I sometimes just completely fall out of touch with what’s happening.