Sum 41 will be officially disbanding

Today it was announced by the band that Sum 41 will be officially disbanding after 27 years.

They will release one final album and finish out their tours before calling its a career

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Wow that’s really unexpected, glad I’ll have a chance to see them a final time this fall. I heard Deryck on a podcast recently and he seemed pretty happy about the band and the new album.


That seems slight weird timing if they have an album coming and tour dates…unless they just didn’t want to call it a final tour. Are they touring already and realised they hate it now?


This was genuinely surprising. I wonder what led to this decision.


Hmmm, might have to try and snag a ticket for that tour then, I’ve never got round to seeing them!

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I’m fortunate enough to have known Tom Thacker (Gob) for a long time, before he joined Sum however many years ago. Twice now he’s gotten me photo and backstage passes for their shows and I’ve gotten some of my best concert photos from those experiences. I really hope I get to see them on their final tour, and it would be an honour to shoot them again for sure.


Wow, amazing pictures! Also that’s awesome you know Tom - I was obsessed with their Foot In Mouth Disease album back in the day


Thanks Jason! I met Gob in '98 back in Newfoundland and gradually became friends with them after moving here to Vancouver. Theo is one of my absolute best friends and he mixes my band’s music. I’m stoked there are a bunch of Gob shows coming up this year, you’ve got some shows in your neck of the woods!

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