So much (for) Stardust and Fighting Myself out now!

Its new music Friday!

First we have Fall Out Boy’s highly anticipated album So Much (for) Stardust out now. This album follows the disappointing MANIA and while many seem to enjoy the album others such as ARTV are rather critical of it. What are your thoughts on the new album?

Second is Fighting Myself by Linkin Part from the Meteora archives. This song along with Lost will be on the Meteora 20 anniversary album

Other new music released today:

Did You Know Theres a Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard (album) - Lana Del Rey

The Light (Out) (album) - Juice Wrld

Memento Mori (album) - Depeche Mode


I need to give a listen to Depeche Mode soon

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Linkin Parks new song is great! Fall Out Boys is a little disjointed but fun overall.


Agree. I do not know why they added those speaking interludes between songs that imo doesn’t contribute at all to the album. I mean i like the record it’s just doesn’t feel cohesive or so. LP song is great btw.


Was listening to fighting myself today I think it’s a brilliant song. The new stuff for the Meteora 20th anniversary has me absolutely ready to spend money on the box set lol, just not sure if I can justify it :melting_face:
As for the other stuff, I haven’t listened it any of it yet. I like a bit of FoB but wouldn’t class them as a favourite band so I haven’t bothered with the new album, but I might give it a listen. Don’t listen to any of the others at all.


It reminds me of the speech at the end of 20 Dollar Nosebleed. Idk Pete almost comes off as pretentiousness when I dont really think he is.