Set list predictions?

The first show of 2023 is tomorrow night! While we all have our wants and desires lets get some actial predictions going.

For reference here is the setlist for their last public show of 2023 and their setlist from Innings 2022 in Tampa FL.

US GP setlist: Green Day Concert Setlist at Formula 1 United States Grand Prix 2022 on October 21, 2022 |

Innings 2022: Green Day Concert Setlist at Innings Festival 2022 on March 19, 2022 |

Set times:


I hope to be wrong but I think it will be pretty much the same as the F1 show. I could see them hopefully getting rid of the Kiss cover. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll replace it with a couple of lesser played songs.

I’ll go with same setlist but this happening

MINUS - Rock and Roll All Nite
PLUS - Bang Bang, Scattered


Hella mega set is quick posible. I hope they add at least 1 or 2 nimrod deep cuts.


I just want you to know that if we do get a Kiss cover and don’t get Scattered, I’m personally blaming you for putting that idea into my head.