Podcast about Basket Case

If anyone is interested, the podcast “60 Songs That Explain the 90s” finally covered a Green Day song. I haven’t had the chance to listen in full yet, but I liked the episode he did on Blink 182’s What’s My Age Again that also mentioned Green Day quite a bit.

Also, not sure if this belongs under the Green Day or Fun topics, so please let me know if I put it in the wrong place!


Thanks for the heads up, I scrolled through the episodes a couple weeks ago expecting to find a GD episode to listen to - glad they finally did one.

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Finally got around to listening to this last night. Not really a podcast listener, at least not any more, but I enjoyed this episode! My favorite part was how Rob thought the line from Welcome to Paradise was “Some call it soup, some call it nuts” instead of “Some call it slums, some call it nice” Definitely gonna listen to the one about Blink when I have the time lol

For anyone that hasn’t listened to this yet, the first 15 minutes or so is the host’s personal experience with Green Day in 1994, then most of the stuff after is a breakdown of how Green Day got their start and their lead up to Dookie.


Ooooh so this isn’t just like about one song it’s about the whole history of the artist? That sounds much more interesting than I thought!


After listening to the Green Day episode I started to go back and listen to some of the others and that opening part of each episode ranges from ok to downright painful to listen to. Really great episodes and interviews at the end, just wish he cut some of the opening long rambles


Yeah, I’ve listened to a few episodes and that’s always the worst part. Tbh, that’s a big reason why I still haven’t listened to the entirety of this episode yet. I could skip it, but I’m a purist who has to watch/listen to every second of something lol.


Crazy enough Courtney Love just recently shared this podcast on her Instagram story, not about Green Day in particular, other 90s bands. I came to see if anyone shared it here :+1: