News: Blink-182 to reschedule South America tour till 2024. Twenty Øne Piløts to fill in tour dates

Well the news no one wanted to hear. After Travis Barker was forced into getting surgey after injuring his ring finger in rehearsal the Blink-182 announced they will be postponing their South American tour till 2024.

Announcement by Tom Delonge: Official Tom DeLonge on Instagram

As of result of this Twenty Øne Piløts will be covering festivals Blink-182 were planned to headline as orginally rumored

The Blink-182 reuion with Tom Delonge will now have to wait till May


Sad for fans that have been waiting a long time. And TOP are one of the best performances out there.


Yeah but unfortunately a lot of die hard Blink fans I dont seeing being TOP fans. Hope they get refunded


TOP is an amazing replacement. I saw them on the Icy Tour last year and they’re easily in the top 3 live shows I’ve ever seen. Sad for the blink fans that waited so goddamn long, but at least they’re in for a good show.


Yeah, I personally think the replacement is a major downgrade.