New BJA Gibson signatures are here

Billie Joe Armstrong in collaboration with Gibson have released new signature guitars. What are your thoughts? Personally I think these are way overppriced and the ebony is kind of ugly. Really disappointed. Retail price is $2199.99


They look beautiful and how Billie Joe to have a bright pink case with leopard print lining :joy:


Yeah, they’re not really Billie-like. And definitely overpriced, still cool tho


They’re fine guitars, but not really anything that screams Billie Joe Armstrong. Really don’t like the Ebony Gloss that much, and the Silver Mist looks like It would be sticker bombed by someone after a few months. Also expected it to be under $2,000.


Yeah idk I really like the ebony one for some reason


Tbh the case is ugly as fuck, the one that came with the epiphone was nicer. I don’t mind the pink its just the case in general. The guitar is too expensive as well so this is a big miss for me but im sure it’ll still sellout because billies name is on it


I kinda hate both of these. I’ve always hated his silver glitter LPJ. I had the original white signature LPJ and it never really did it for me so I sold it. I have both the blue and the red 2018 signature LPJ’s and I love them. The quality just seems better and they sound better. I did put a different pickup in the red one so they didn’t sound identical though.