Need something for transcribing melodies

I’ve got a melody that I want to play on my guitar. Thing is, I don’t have any sheet music for it, I can only hum it. I need a website or an app or something that can transcribe it for me since I somehow never figured out how to do it myself. Does anybody know something that can help with this? Thanks!
TLDR: need website or app that transcribes humming or singing

I haven’t tried it out myself (can’t get the verification email to come through), but there’s a site called SoundSlice. It looks like it allows you to add a recording, which it will then transcribe for you. Hopefully you have better luck than I did!

I’ll give it a shot, thanks!

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I was able to get my account verified by sending an email through their feedback thing. They marked me as verified and said there was a backup with their system. Maybe you can get it to work now?

I actually got it about 3 hours ago. No idea why it took nearly a full day :joy:

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Was this site useful? I’m intrigued if it works well, as it would be a huge time saver. (Although, I do like taking the time to transcribe stuff I write on a sheet, it gives ya more time to think about what you’re doing lol.)

To use the actual thing I was looking for, like humming a melody and it automatically transcribing it, you have to pay or get the free trial, but it’s pretty nice for manually transcribing stuff. It’s kinda like Musescore

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