Mark Hoppus spotted with a familar bass 👀

While many were drawn to the MGK guitar in the studio it seems Mark maybe working with a familar bassist’s signature

Note: it does seem that the pickguard was swapped. Trying to see if this is really a Dirnt bass

Update: This bass was a gift from Mike to Travis! Here is a photo:


Did mike gift the bass to mark? No offence intended to mgk fans but I would really hope he would not be on the new blink album, I find him very off putting. I think he is friends with travis though so it could just be there for that reason?


Would be really cool if that is confirmed to be Mike’s bass.

If Tom DeLonge wasn’t returning for Blink, I could definitely see that happening. However, I personally think it’s unlikely he’ll be featured on the album based on the single they released, it sounds like they want to try and go back to their glory days of what they used to sound like before the break-up. MGK featured in a song would be off-putting to say the least lol.


Yes! Managed to track down information on it


When was it gifted to Mark? Really awesome to see it’s actually Mike’s!


Unsure but it at least predates 2018 but i think Mike gifted him that bass even before then

Mike is a pretty generous guy. When Mark had cancer he gifted him a custom signature bass