Linkin Park RARHF

Im really hoping we can see a return for Linkin Park by or on 2026, thats when theyre due to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so I reallly hope to see a return for them. It’ll be ahrd without Chester, for sure, and Mike has already said no holograms or studio recordings etc.


I don’t think I would like them to come back with a new singer. Chester was the face of the band and I think they should just move on. It wouldn’t be the same without him

Mike did a long of rap and singing back when Chester joined in 1996, I think it would be cool to have demos, the OML and MTM sessions had so many different songs. Theres a lot of Chester we havent seen yet beyond Grey Daze

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I really like Linkin Park but just can’t imagine them without Chester. Such a difficult situation for a band.

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