Lets say the pandemic never happens. What changes?

Ok so lets say the pandemic never happens and Hella Mega goes on as planned. Do you think FOAM gets played on the tour or does it still get left off? Do you think we get a more proper “era”?

Give me your best “what-if” scenarios no matter how bland or wild they may be!


I remember the band mentioned that they wanted to release a new album the same year as foam did. Maybe mid or late 2020. Of course it didn’t happen but money money 2020 part 2 was released instead(so technically they released another album?) but the feeling was that foam was just a filler album to holds us to the hella mega. Probably they had released a foam part 2 on the same year or maybe deluxe edition with leftovers. If plans had gone their way maybe we wouldn’t had mm2020 part 2.


I think they would have played FOAM and Oh Yeah at Hella, released the ep of leftover songs and money money 2 wouldn’t have happened.


Knowing Green Day FOAM 2 would be called Mother of All Fatherfuckers or some stupid shit :sob:


I’m sure they would have added the new songs from foam to the set list for Hella Mega. I’m genuinely sad because I’m sure they were proud of that album but it just didn’t chart.


It actually charted fairly well, with it peaking at #4 on the Billboard Hot 200 and #1 on Billboard’s Top Rock Album chart. I think what did it in was the mass amounts of hate the album received from listeners.


It only charted well in the first week because of the months of pre-sales of vinyl and merch that included album downloads. By week two it had dropped all the way from #4 to #111. I believe they have changed that since then as well, you can no longer bundle merch or concert tickets with albums and have it count toward sales. It will be interesting to see how they do on the charts with those new rules in place for the next album.


If it wasn’t for that they would have had no sales. It only sold like 48,000 units anyway and you had to buy it to get a presale ticket code for the tour. That’s why I bought it as did most other fans. Take that away and it did virtually nothing, not even nearly as well as Dos or Tre.


I don’t remember buying anything for my presale code? Maybe I just forgot since it was so long ago haha.

They did offer free ones for registration on the site I think by law they had to, but the ones you got with purchase gave you access to the sale a day earlier or something

They need a better way of calculating “album sales” now, 1000 streams equal 1 album sale or whatever is too much. Should count when you add the entire album to your library for one. It’s hard to judge album sales now to albums in the past the way it is currently

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The system is definitely broken. Streaming is a win for the platform and labels and that’s it, musicians get close to nothing. It’s so unfair something has to change. But people aren’t going to go back to buying and storing physical copies that aren’t portable without a lot of effort. I remember within a year after FOAM came out I found a new vinyl copy in the dollar bargain bin at the game store. I still didn’t buy it lol (I have the CD). But that’s how bad it did. You couldn’t give it away