Just found the stub from my very first GD show

I am moving soon so doing a big clear up and I found a bunch of my old ticket stubs including this gem from 2013, the very first time I saw them! Feeling nostalgic so wanted to share :slightly_smiling_face:

If I remember correctly they were supported by All Time Low and The Kaiser Chiefs. £45 seems so cheap for a ticket to a show like that now in comparison to today’s prices. If anyone else keeps stubs I’d love to see em, I’ve got so many I’m thinking of making some sort of display :sweat_smile:


I still have most of mine, I loved the souvenir tickets, will have to go and see if I can find them now.


I have some of mine, others were lost or were boring print at homes that got tossed.


Found a box full of all my old ticket stubs a couple weeks ago (not just Green Day ones) and got depressed looking at the prices lol. Nothing was above $25 and fees were under $10!