Interesting conments by Mark Hoppus on setlists

Recently on “After school radio” Mark aired out some frustrations on how they have added all this pyro and such to the shows yet he goes home and sees someone wanting Apple Shampoo to be played lived. He mentioned how hard that is to do given all the pyro and such yet fans have called aome BS on that

Link to full soundbite: Reddit - Dive into anything

Im kind of torn on this. I understand Mark’s frustrations but you also have to also understand there was a time when bands (ie Green Day) would take a song request or throw in an old song to spice it up for the fans. While those days seem to be gone but I feel Mark is being harsh especially considering the amount fans have to spend to go to live shows now.

There are definitely a lot of jerks out there and I do think Mark is speaking only to them but to blame everything on pyro and stuff i disgaree


A lot of talk about concerts being so meticulously planned and staged, and laptops and all this stuff has to be timed. I get all that. But man, it’s rock and roll. There should be a point where the pyro and the backing tracks stop and some dudes with guitars and drums play something they feel in their souls. And you’d think with all this technology that the pyro and lights and backing tracks could analysis what the musicians are doing and sync up. I don’t know, but what I do know is setlists are boring as heck now. Play the hits, sure. But rotate, rotate, rotate. Green Day, you have 40+ hits. Rotate!


Only setlists I’ve found midly interesting as of late is Red Hot Chili Peppers, My Chemical Romance, and Taylor Swift tbh


Yeah I don’t get why artists like them only play hits. Their fans at this point in their career want deep cuts.


I mean its one thing to own up to it and say “look we are just playing this set of songs right now” I think thay would have been fine. Tom is playing with the band for the first time in 10 years, and Mark is probably still not 100% after chemo. Im not expecting to pull out tracks they arent comfortable with, but to blame pyro…eh not a fan


Yeah, Idk if I’m in the minority or not, but I could not care less about pyro, bright lights, and all the fancy stage setups. I just want the music. Being able to deviate from the setlist and take requests and just jam out is ten times more interesting and fun to me than an overly rehearsed BIG SHOW. I just hate that these bands feel like they need to cater to the casual fan rather than the diehards. But then stadium rock just isn’t my thing, at least not with either Green Day or Blink.

Also, it’s funny because after the Insomniac Tour (I think it was that one), Billie talked about how he hated how rehearsed the shows had become, and he felt like they weren’t just having fun with it anymore. I understand it’s 30 years later now, and he’s not a 20-something anymore, but it’s just interesting how much it’s changed since then.


Yeah I would 1000000% take a show with just the band jamming a bunch of different songs over a boring setlist with pyro and lighting bullshit. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t tbh.