If you could see one of the Nimrod demos live, which would you pick?

Only including the demos that never made the album, since I doubt the band would play a less complete version of say, Nice Guys Finish Last.

  • Place Inside My Head
  • Alison
  • Espionage
  • You Irritate Me
  • Tre Polka
  • When It’s Time
  • Desensitized
  • Chain Saw
  • Black Eyeliner

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You irritate me but I wonder if it’s finished in the demo form, would love to hear what was in the final version of the song when they recorded nimrod


You Irriate Me for sure.
Black Eyeliner would be really dope to see, but would probably never happen. Also Tre Polka would be funny as hell to see live, just to see the reactions lol.


When It’s time would be beautiful


I would love a live Alison but I don’t think anything can top the one with Costello, I’ll have to second @pacejunkie here.