Ideal GD cover set?

So, my vocal range is mostly similar to Billie Joe’s, and the guitar stuff is simply fucking awesome and most of the songs sound good acoustic or just on electric. So, that being said, Im considering going around my local area doing a solo GD/BJ cover band whilst I work on my record. So, that being said, what songs would you want to see from a cover act?


Honestly if you are going solo I would listen to the songs Billie did in his Welcome To my Panic audio book with audible. He did acoustic “covers” of Basket Case, Revolution Radio, American Idiot, and so on


Yknow that had completely left my mind lol. Good idea!

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I would also recommend checking on the WMMR 1991 songs they played, its on 1039. I think the songs were Paper Lanterns, Words I Might Have Ate, and One for the Razorbacks.