I Think BJ made up the girl he mentions in she and whatsername

basically I’ve looked into Billie’s dating history and he didn’t have a girlfriend named Amanda, the only other girlfriend he had was Erica Paleno is he just talking about Erica and just got confused? let me know.

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He tweeted that She, Sassafras roots and whatsername were about amanda and he has no reason to just make that up. It is known he dated amanda, erica, whoever judges daughter is about, Nina and probably more we don’t know about.


Amanda most definitely existed. He dated her after Arica and before Adrienne in 1993. You can see a photo of her here : Alison on Instagram: "Got two rare photos today with much appreciation to Arica Pelino. 🙏 The first is @billiejoearmstrong with Amanda (yes that one) and the second is BJ with Arica. Looking good everyone 💚 #billiejoearmstrong #greenday #aricapelino #whatsername"


It’s cracking me up that you think he just got confused when Amanda has basically haunted Billie for the last 30 years.


She really hasn’t, but she represents some things during an important time in his life and inspired a lot of music.


Theres a song titled after her, and Billie, and Adrianne, have both spoken about her. Billie writes, like a lot of us do, to get emotions and feelings out, clearly shes still on his mind and he still feels the need to write about her. Not every single thing about every single artist is logged online, there will be things we’ll never know, and thats good. The guys deserve privacy.