Harley Davidson Homecoming


I’m seeing green day at this festival I’m so excited already. From someone who is not from usa is a dream come true! I hope they play many bangers and who knows maybe a new song from album 14 :wink::blush:


Haha even they play that damn dull setlist its an amazing time seeing them!


I’m going to it I’m super excited it is gonna be my second time seeing them


Oh my god is almost just a month away to see them! I can’t wait :sneezing_face:

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Less then a week to go! Hope everyone who is going has fun


Wish I was going, looks amazing! Have fun everyone who’s going.


Not a lot of buzz about this two days out, I think we’ve all gotten so bored of the festival set lists that we can’t even pretend anymore to be excited something different might happen at this show.

I’m sure it’ll be a great time for those in attendance though and that’s all that really matters.


Just checked their website and it looks like Social Distortion isn’t set to play anymore, I wonder why

Tbh I totally forgot about it. Kind of a shame we’ve reached that point but I doubt we’ll get much hype for anything until next year

Mike Ness is recovering for tonsil cancer and surgery, i think thats why

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Oh damn I had no idea, glad they’re skipping out on it in that case. Hope he recovers ok

I think they will play something from their not hella mega set at this show! They have to be tired of trotting out that same set for two years

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I forgot to post it but here is a pic of the stage I took this morning! So excited!


It’s time to start asking the important questions: What do we think Billie will wear? Will he still be blond? Will eyeliner be involved? :rofl:

So, they will go on stage at 8:45 (local time) and they should play for two hours. I wonder if there have been any significant changes in the setlist, but I doubt it (lol). Anyway, have a great time to everyone who will be there!


Right now! Abby Jeanne already played!


Great spot! Looks like you got Mike’s side :smiley:

Im sorry The Grouch got played?!?!

Generic setlist so far anyway but wow what a random supirse if true xD

Edit: got confirmation it indeed got played!


Insanely jealous of everyone there now!

ETA: Apparently, they also played Stuck With Me, but I’ve yet to see a video.