Green Day Market Guidelines

The Green Day Market is for selling band related merch and tickets.

Each post must be tagged with one of the following:

  • For Sale - All sales posts.
  • For Trade - What you are trading and what you are looking for in return.
  • Wanted - Items you are looking to purchase - no ticket want ads.

Completed transactions should have their tag changed to:

  • Found - You’ve found the item(s) in your want ad.
  • Sold - You’ve sold the item(s) in your ad.

Posting on the market:

1. Use at own risk: We are not responsible for any transactions that take place here and all sales are at your own risk. Before buying, you may want to check that the seller has been an active member of this forum or r/GreenDay prior to placing the item for sale. Buyers & sellers with previously successful transactions on the market will have a verified buyer or seller badge.

2. Price:

  • You must post an asking price for every item being offered for sale - Threads w/o pricing will be removed
  • If your pricing is negotiable, consider adding OBO (or best offer), but no open bidding is permitted
  • No “Price Policing” - Do not post dissatisfaction, opinions, or disagreement with pricing. A seller has the right to ask any price and a potential buyer has the choice to buy, negotiate, or walk away

3. Approved/Unapproved Items:

  • Green Day & side project related items only
  • No links to eBay, Etsy or other outside selling sites
  • No song sales, stem sales, etc
  • No ticket scalping. All ticket sales must be for the original price of the ticket. You must indicate in your post you are selling for the retail price of the ticket and be able to prove it. It does not matter if you paid $400 from Stubhub for a $150 ticket, you may only list it here for the original price.
  • No want ads for tickets, if someone is selling them they will list them on the forum for sale.

4. Writing Your Ad:

  • Title: Must clearly indicate the item(s) you’re looking for or selling.
  • Photos: Include a photo of the item(s) you are selling - if you don’t include a photo your ad may be removed w/o notice. If you include a sheet of paper in the photo with your username and the date members can feel a bit more reassured that the photos are yours and are of the actual item you are selling rather than a photo you grabbed online. Buyers should be aware, however, that it is not beyond the realm of possibility that seller photos could be altered
  • No Outside Links: Do not link to other sales websites, forums, or auction sites, including eBay - your post will be edited or removed immediately.

5. Replying to an ad:

  • Address all questions to the seller/ Allow the seller to answer all questions
  • Do not offer ‘better price’ re-directs or links to someone else’s sale
  • Do not offer your item for sale in someone else’s sale thread

6. Privacy & Personal Info: Do not post personal and/or private information in the public forum such as full name, address, phone number. Keep those details to PM or email

7. The Deal: Conduct actual negotiations via PM or email, the forum does not need to know the details.

8. Change thread tag to “Sold” or “Found”: Please make sure to mark your thread appropriately as Sold or Found when you have completed a transaction.

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