Green Day, L.A 1994

The description tells the story, but this video was made by a fan who met Mike Dirnt and asked to film them on stage, and was allowed for 3 songs.


Thanks for sharing that Matt, can’t believe I’ve never seen that before. I forgot about the style at the time of wearing a worker uniform shirt like Billie is. I had the one like he’s wearing that they sold as merch but it had a Green Day kerplunk style logo on the left and the name tag was Billie Joe on the right.


He wore the same thing on Recovery when they played The Grouch I think, more of a 1996 thing that 1994, only really saw Mike in the worker style stuff rather than Billie

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This is one of my favorite videos! It’s such a different perspective than we usually get. I just wish that guy had more time on stage.


Apparently they spoke to the bands management, they wanted the whole show, management wanted them to have one song, and they settled on 3. The actual guitar tone is insane though

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