Green Day Forum Guidelines

All things Green Day and their side projects can be discussed here.

You are expected to post in existing topics when available rather than starting a new thread with the exception of news items. For example, general discussion of 1972 should remain in that thread but when news breaks such as a release date or information on a new single - those can be posted as their own new topic with the News tag.

Each post must be tagged with one of the following:

  • Articles - For any online or magazine articles about the band.
  • Audio Video - Any youtube videos, audio links, etc.
  • Concerts - Individual show discussion
  • Discussion - General discussion about the band that doesn’t fit a tag
  • Merch - New merch releases, signature guitars/bass/drums news
  • News - Any news announcements from the band
  • Pictures - New pictures of the band - old pictures can be added to the Scattered Pictures thread
  • Questions - Ask any questions you have about Green Day
  • Side Projects - Any discussion about the band’s side projects or individual member side projects.
  • Social Media - Any new posts to the band or individual member’s social media. Please keep it to one post per topic - if it’s posted across all their socials pick one to post and any others to the comments if necessary.