Green D A.I

So obviously, A.I is becoming a bit of a big topic in global news, and music. So this is a discussion thread: what do we think about Green Day A.I covers, A.I covering GD or even musicians using Artificial Intelligence? It’s pretty fascinating but also scary :anguished:


No. Something in me believes that people want to listen to music that is made by other people. Listening to music and also making music connects people. And even if there will be some AI-generated songs in the charts I think that there will be people who cover the songs on their own or play it together with other people. So the human part will stay I think and I hope.


I get that AI can replicate some things some times really brilliantly but so far it seems emotion is not one of those things and emotions play a huge part of creativity in any genre. Even if it could however, I think something would still be lost, the human interaction is what we all seek I think and why some artists really speak to us. I don’t see that happening with AI generated music and I sincerely hope it never comes to that.