Good Riddance electric or acoustic

This randomly came to my head good riddance has been played with a electric so I was wondering if you prefer it with acoustic or electric

Hm, an excuse to go and listen to loads of versions of GR :grin:! I like both but I get chills when I see Billie walk out in front of a huge crowd, just one man and an acoustic guitar - it’s quite a moment that I feel we all take for granted now but it’s great. I would like to hear a full band version though.

The acoustic version is very intimate and emotional, but the electric version is special in its own unique way as well. I am not sure you can say if one is better than the other; they just are different. BTW, I love this electric version from MTV New Years Eve 1998.


I love this one! Despite him being “really fucked up” lol. I remember watching it live and being so jealous of everyone there.


It really was an incredible performance.

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It is, especially when he was so pissed! :joy:

Whenever I see comments like this I have to stop and remind myself that pissed means drunk in the U.K. LOL. It means angry in the U.S., and when I first read this my first thought was “But Billie seemed happy here!” and then I was like “Oh wait.” :rofl:


Language! Pissed off is annoyed here, but yes, smashed, wrecked, stocious (a Scottish one I think) we have many, many terms for being drunk. Whatever you want to call it, he does seem completely unbothered by it :joy:

Yes, both pissed and pissed off work here for angry/annoyed. Lots of terms for being drunk here as well, many of which overlap with yours, but pissed is not one of them LOL.