From fan site to official: The evolution of

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been around much of late but I’m finally posting this article I wrote about a month ago. I was a bit reluctant to post it because I’m not sure if it’s of interest to anyone other than myself but there’s not much else going on so what the hell.


As someone who wasnt around as a fan until God’s Favorite Band this is super interesting! Kind of also indirectly shows how social media impacted the website. You dont nearly need as much on a webpage anymore, but its lost its character.


Oh man, this just made me so nostalgic. Can’t believe I am now longing for the days it took me hours to download a picture, but I really do miss websites and finding your own little corner of the internet. Everyone’s all packed into the same handful of sites now, and while sure you can narrow down who you interact with on the sites, it’s just not the same. Thank you for putting this together!


This is a great overview of the evolution of their official website. It was fine when they abandoned their website in favor of social media, but now that they’ve all but abandoned Twitter and Instagram and post only shitty, sporadic TikToks it seems like a vital connection has been lost. Bring back the interactive websites


This ^^^

Out of all the bands I follow Green Day is the WORST when it comes to content now

Wow this is awesome…scary to realize how far back I remember!