Favorite Green Day songs ROUND 7: Shenanigans

  • Suffocate
  • Desensitized
  • You Lied
  • Outsider
  • Don’t Wanna Fall in Love
  • Espionage
  • I Want to Be on T.V.
  • Scumbag
  • Tired of Waiting for You
  • Sick of Me
  • Rotting
  • Do Da Da
  • On the Wagon
  • Ha Ha You’re Dead
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Definitely Ha Ha Your Dead LOL.

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I’m shocked (and very happy) that Do Da Da is in the lead.


I would have picked i wanna be on tv but since its a cover I will go with ha ha your dead!

The OG Stuck With Me! :metal:t2:

Shenanigans is so good it could count as an album. And if it counts, it’s one of their best - American Idiot, Warning, Nimrod and Shenanigans are the greatest.


Shenanigans is the only Green Day album I never listened to. I voted for the song Scumbag because it’s the only song I know, because it was used in American Pie 2 :sweat_smile:

You’re missing out on some truly great classic Green Day songs!


Go listen right now!