Favorite Green Day songs ROUND 13: Revolution Radio

  • Somewhere Now
  • Bang Bang
  • Revolution Radio
  • Say Goodbye
  • Outlaws
  • Bouncing off the Wall
  • Still Breathing
  • Youngblood
  • Too Dumb to Die
  • Troubled Times
  • Forever Now
  • Ordinary World
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This was a hard choice between Bang Bang and Forever Now, but I chose Forever Now.

My all time favorite GD album. Tie between Bang Bang and Ordinary World, but I knew the former would get other votes, so I had to make sure OW got at least 1.


My second favorite right behind Kerplunk. I think they have a lot of similarities!

Great album, hard to pick!

That’s really hard. I chose Forever Now but Bang Bang, Revolution Radio and Somehere Now are also great songs!

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Bang Bang no competition for me.


Anyone else really dig Outlaws?


I love this little piano part before the second chorus where they used this reversed piano sound