Favorite Green Day songs ROUND 1: 1,039 SOSH

  • At the Library
  • Don’t Leave Me
  • I Was There
  • Disappearing Boy
  • Green Day
  • Going to Pasalacqua
  • 16
  • Road to Acceptance
  • Rest
  • The Judges’s Daughter
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Why Do You Want Him?
  • 409 in Your Coffeemaker
  • Knowledge
  • 1,000 Hours
  • Dry Ice
  • Only of You
  • The One I Want
  • I Want to Be Alone

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I still think Going To Pasalacqua is one of the best songs Billie has ever written, it really showed that this band could go far. Wish Incoukd spell it easier though :joy:

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I was there :slightly_smiling_face:


This was tough, because Paper Lanterns isn’t necessarily my favorite when I listen to the album, but it is my favorite when they perform it live. But I chose it anyway.

Totally agreed.

This one’s tough, it’s never been my favorite album but it has a lot of my favorite songs. At The Library, The Judge’s Daughter, I Was There, Disappearing Boy?? I also feel like we’ve done a poll on this album before lol