Favorite acoustic/stripped down song?

So I comprised a list of stripped down Green Day songs and wanted to know which one you liked the best from the band!

Some criteria for the list was:

  • Must not feature or limit distorted guitars
  • Must be either the orginal or demo version (no live versions)
  • Can not be a cover

I plan to put out a poll for ballads, both eletric an acoustic. Perhaps that could be a tournament style vote :thinking:

  • All by myself
  • When It’s Time (can be either Nimrod demo or AI Broadway release)
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
  • Macy’s Day Parade
  • On the Wagon
  • Last Night on Earth
  • Amy
  • Stay the Night (acoustic)
  • The Forgotten
  • Ordinary World

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A bit controversial but Ordinary World is a beautiful song!


Got to go with Stay the Night. With headphones on it’s like he’s singing right next to you :heart_eyes:


Glad that macy’s day parade is on the top.


Too hard to choose really but I’ve always really loved Macey’s Day Parade, it’s a hell of a song.


I really love the acoustic of Stay The Night!

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Me too I really love that song, was one of the first I learnt to play on my ukulele.