Father of All.... Has really grown on me

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On the bus to the studio today I decided to listen to Father of All just cos I haven’t in awhile and I have to say it’s really grown on me.

Obviously the pitched up vocals are less than desirable but really, the sequencing, the way the songs are structured, mixed and put together are really good.

The album is still my least favourite by them, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually bad. If someone asked you to rank Dookie’s songs, the bottom of the list would still be really fucking good.

Maybe working in music has made me look at stuff differently as a listener but I have to say the album has grown on me.


I unironically enjoy Meet Me on the Roof.


I remember the exact moment the album grew on me. I decided to play through the album on guitar and I remember thinking “man, these songs are fun as fuck to play”. I agree with your last point too! I rank Father of All as their worst album, but it’s hard to top everything when you’re a band like Green Day!


My opinion on it is that it’s not an overall bad album, it’s just not a great Green Day album. It’s enjoyable to listen to but also pretty forgettable with not much on there to pull you back for repeat listens.

As you gain distance from the albums release and have been hearing how much it sucks from fans for a couple years, it starts to sound a little better in a way because it’s not nearly as awful as some fans make it out to be.

I still think it was better suited for a side project and it would have received a lot less hate if it was.


Its so well put together musically, just some questionable decisions


I’ve always said that if another band put out Father of All it would be probably be received a lot better. It’s 100% a very forgettable album if you’re not fully up the band’s ass like we are lol. The songs are short and have little of substance. Throw in some bad production choices and you get Father of All :rofl:


Probably the best way to put it.

I do agree with Matt tho, it does somewhat grow on you. The songs I least play from them usually grow on me more.


I mean this hits the nail on the heads. If this was side band album it would have been much more forgivable


I think it needed more clapping


I don’t mind it but I think they can do so much better. It’s pretty bad when the producer of the album was warning people before it came out that it was the sound green day wanted and that it wouldn’t sound like we expect from them like basically saying this is not my fault!


happened to me a little bit, i think it’s because i really like billie’s voice so i end up liking the songs anyway


Ngl I think Fire, Ready, Aim really slaps


slaps hard

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Woof thats my least favorite song on the album. The lyrics are so bad and its there most “sellout” song. That and Oh Yeah!


I really would have liked Oh Yeah if the chorus was more fun. It had so much potential with a slow, chill verse and prechorus.


This is it for me, enjoyable but fairly forgettable, and not a brilliant album by GD standards. I pre-ordered the CD when it was coming out and have stuck in my car. Whilst I’m driving around sort of absently listening it’s easy to bob along to and generally speaking unproblematic for me. But it’s not one that I really go back to, I can’t say that I have really got that itch to sit down and listen to it, and therefore I don’t really know the songs as well as I do other albums.