Dookie- Deluxe Edition

I was on Genius this morning when I saw a page for a Deluxe Edition of Dookie. It featured the original album and some B-Sides and covers, but doesn’t seem exactly credible.
Dookie turns 30 in about six months, and it seems likely something will be released on the anniversary, does anyone have any confirmation of a release?

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Why would Green Day release a cover of a 2015 song by The Weeknd on a Dookie deluxe edition lol

But no there has been no confirmation of anything for Dookie’s anniversary at this point. Can’t see there being anything too special since they should be promoting a new album at that time but who knows.

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That Weeknd thing was the sketchiest part haha. Good to know, thanks!

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Like a dagger in my heart reading this.

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Plus if the album comes out in early 2024 I imagine they’ll prioritze the American Idiot 20th anniversary.

Album in early 24’

Summer 24’ tour

America Idiot 20th in the fall

Kind of piecses together nicely


Yeah tbh I’d rather they put more effort on the American idiot 20th anniversary than Dookie which they’ve done a lot during all these years. AI is their biggest album and deserves a properly party!