Brittney Cade Dirnt's social media posts

Maybe off topic but you gotta wonder when the situation with Mike’s wife getting to be an issue. She’s gone from being an anti vaxxer to talking about trans issues :neutral_face:

Its starting to get some attention on twitter, just not a ton (yet)


I keep wondering what mike’s thoughts must be, he clearly doesn’t think like her, must to be embarecing for him to deal with this in home and outside with his family/friends

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They’ll probably never address it, which is probably for the best, because we don’t need to give a platform to hateful views, but I do wonder how it affects her relationship with the band and their families. Not that it’s any of our business, of course, but it’s hard not to be curious when this is a band that has spent 30+ years intentionally being inclusive. To be a fly on the wall in Billie’s and Tre’s homes lol.


I wonder too. She has posted a story saying she has lost family and friends over her views, and since she’s gone whackadoodle the other wives have stopped posting pictures with her and tagging her when they used to be friends and hang out together on tour. Has to be very awkward for Mike but he’s made his choice. I just wish she would make her account private and stop saying these harmful things to Green Day’s very diverse fanbase.


This. It’s unfortunate that there’s probably always gonna be ppl who have harmful views and opinions and you can’t make people think a certain way, comes a.point where you just have to try and ignore them, but the issue I have is the constant shit that gets posted all over the internet. The barrage of negativity on a daily basis is just so demoralising. I do wonder if perhaps she is suffering from some mental health issues and this is just how it’s manifesting. It’s not an excuse to be hateful or ignorant but maybe that’s why nobody has addressed it.


I just replied to this on GDC before realizing the how things had sprialed downward…She was recently asked knowing how GD feel about these issues how could you post such things? She replied with it has definitely caused some tension on the homefront. She’s definitely getting more outspoken and its disturbing to say the least. Everything she posts to support her views are from far right outlets and outright conspiracy therorists. I can’t imagine the guys or their management haven’t spoken up about it affecting their reputation.


This is the funniest part, because then when people point that out, she’s like “…so you think I’m conservative just because I post from Fox News?” Uh… yes, exactly. When all your sources are from the same well known conservative outlets, people are right to assume your views as a whole align with theirs lol. It’s maddening! Never thought I’d see Green Day so closely aligned with a right wing nutjob, but here we are. Thankfully, I doubt the average fan actually cares about what their family members are up to.


Exactly! All she keeps saying is why can’t we have an open discussion about things we disagree about? Well, when your rebuttal is all consipiracy bullshit, debunked theories, and outright lies then no, I’m not discussing it with you! I feel bad for Mike…doesn’t seem like their views are aligned. The average GD fan isn’t following Britt anyway but damn she is awful and some people really let her know and it’s not nice.

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That’s the real issue: she doesn’t realize that you can have your own opinion and not be an asshole about it! Also, her opinion is messed up, no offense.


Yeah I agree, this whole “everyone can have different opinions” thing is all well and good when you’re talking about subjective things like “what’s the best GD song”. But when it comes to human rights, objective scientific facts etc, you can’t really make that argument because there is simply a right answer and a wrong answer. It’s like someone arguing 2+2=5, they can’t make the argument until they’re blue in the face, but they will always be wrong.


This is another fallacy of right wing talking points. They always say “oh so much for the tolerant left, why can’t we have a civil discussion” and then proceed to make the most offensive, ignorant arguments. Like, sorry but I can’t have a civil discussion with someone who believes in taking other people’s human rights away.