Billie Joe seems to have joined Thread

Seeing this and others like it today

So something weird is going on here, trying a different way to share

Well that’s annoying, Greendaynews on IG has shared a post from Billie Joe on Threads saying “what now”. Sorry this is such a mess!


Here’s a picture, trying to embed anything from FB/Insta/Twitter is a pain now with their constantly restrictive API rules that mess this stuff up.


Im convinced Threads wont last but glad to see more high profile names joining. Perhaps it wont die after all

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I was hoping BlueSky would replace twitter but they have been too slow to fully open, Threads has a big advantage with a huge built in audience already.

Since the website didn’t have an Insta, we are going from over 24k followers on Twitter to 0 on Threads so give the site a follow if you are on there lol


If threads can sort itself out quickly (have a feed that shows just who you follow AND in chronological order), I think they’ll do well. It seems like they jumped the gun after Twitter’s issues this week without actually being ready to launch at such a large scale.

I got mildly excited about it last night when I joined, but even still today the feed is literally nothing I care about. You’d think after spending the last decade usurping privacy laws to steal my information, Meta’s algorithm would actually show me something I’m interested in.


This is the only thing that makes me hesitate to download

He’d better be trolling with this :sob: :sob: :sob:

The title “1972” has been dead for sometime so no he isnt joking


Just out of curiosity, why? If you already have a large following on Twitter why leave there and move to threads just because of Elon Musk or am I missing something?

That’s a good question. In the time since Musk took over our reach has tanked, my tweet about the Pinhead Gunpowder story for example only has 200 views out of 24k followers. Despite having a brand new instagram with barely any followers I still had more people click through and read the story from there than on Twitter which is pretty sad.

I suspect I could resolve this by paying for Twitter Blue but that ain’t happening and I do not like the direction that site is heading in anyway.


Adding to what Jason said theres a lot more restrictons with Twitter now including being rate limited when you read a certain number of tweets which is total BS