Billie Joe posts life update video

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Nice little life recap lmao


Well heres a life recap by Bille of sorts lmao: Billie Joe on Instagram: "Life"


Good to see he’s actually using Instagram again, I figured he dusted it off just to promote something and wouldn’t actually use it like he used to


Is that a cello he’s got, where was that shot? So many questions. :grin:

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I am extremely confused by most of what is happening in this video. What is it supposed to be about? And why is half of it scenes from a soccer stadium?

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It’s just bits of what he’s been up to. He was in London and went to some matches

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OK, thank you!

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Apparently he really does feel like a cello LOL.

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He posted a whole buncha stuff on his story from the As game. Also it physically pained me how high up he had the bow on that cello. For the love of god, put the bow near the bridge!

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Would it make more sense if we started a topic for Billie’s Instagram posts rather than having a separate topic for every single thing he posts? Like he posted an adorable Lenny video recently that we should be talking about too. :slight_smile:


He’s looking very well and pretty relaxed. :heart:

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I agree. It should be a thread for all the band members socials ^^


@Jason can we just change the title of this thread to Green Day social media posts?

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That was one of the main things I wanted to avoid here, having “megathreads” for everything and having the front page just be stale with the same topics for years that have thousands of replies and broken images.

That’s why there are tags, in this case you click on the social media tag and you can see all the posts tagged as that.

In this particular case, I don’t check insta that much and didn’t know Billie posted pics from the A’s game so I’ll just break that off to a new topic.

But basically what I’m saying is, post whatever Billie or other band member post you want and tag it social media - it’s not a big deal to make a new thread, we aren’t even close to busy enough here for that to be an issue :slightly_smiling_face:


He’s such a jock, for real.