Billie at the A’s fan protest game

Just saw on the baseball subreddit that Billie was in the crowd at the A’s protest and shown on screen chanting “sell the team”.

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Video here

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He went to Raiders games as well when the rumors of the Radiers going to Vegas were hitting a head. If there’s one thing Billie loves it the city of Oakland.

Perhaps in the future he’ll make a charity for the Oakland area

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I loved the last time Green Day played in Las Vegas and Billie was like, “You guys took my Raiders, and now I have to perform for you fuckers.” :rofl:


Love seeing all the positive comments in there. Although it pained me to upvote a post by a Cubs fan. :slightly_smiling_face:


Fun Fact: The minor league feeder team for the Oakland A’s used to be in my city, but the team lost its affiliation about two years ago. We still have the team; it’s a Collegiate Futures League team now. But that’s about all I know since I never got into baseball and have never been to a game LOL.

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Sounds like the Fresno Grizzlies?

Nope, on the other side of the country actually. And I could never understand why the Oakland A’s had a feeder team on the opposite side of the country LOL.

Looks like this has become a big enough deal that even stupid Fox News has picked up on it.