Best Songs by Letter- 3/27

After quite the shocker, Armatage Shanks has pulled ahead to win ‘A!’ Today, we vote for ‘B.’ What do you think? We’ve got some serious hits and epic deep cuts to think about :thinking:

  • Back In The USA
  • Bab’s Uvula Who?
  • Baby Eyes
  • Bang Bang
  • Basket Case
  • Before The Lobotomy
  • Best Thing In Town
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Blood, Sex and Booze
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  • Bouncing Off the Walls
  • Brain Stew
  • Brat
  • Brutal Love
  • Burnout

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My sincerest apologies to Burnout and Bab’s Uvula Who? for not voting for them, but when Basket Case is on the list, I simply have to choose it.


Basket Case, Burnout and Bang Bang. The trifecta. That was hard I had to choose them all


Before the Lobotomy’s intro and outro go hard af. Bang Bang is a masterpiece though

What! How can we possibly pick with that line up! Some great songs in there and I’ve akways loved Bab’s Uvula Who which is maybe a less obvious choice but Basket Case, BOBD and Brain Stew… changed my mind already :sweat_smile::joy:


Bang Bang and Basketcase, two of my top 15 GD songs.


Incredible list, but BOBD all the way.

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I went Bab’s Uvula Who?, Burnout, and Brutal Love (one of their best songs and their most underrated!). Basket Case and BoBD are probably objectively better choices but those are def my favorites :slight_smile:


Bouncing of the Wall, underrated af!


Wow, what a tight vote!