Best Songs By Letter- 22/27

Congratulations Too Dumb To Die! As we enter the final stretch of the competition, we vote for ‘V.’ Which Viva La Gloria can win?

  • ¡Viva La Gloria!
  • ¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)

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We skipped ‘U,’ Uptight is the only option and wins by default.

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Fucks sake, another one where I can’t choose :sweat_smile:


Little Girl is one of my top 3 from that album :heart_eyes:

As a ¡Viva la Gloria! truther, I’m just glad that it wasn’t totally lopsided lmao

I guess I’m in the minority I much prefer VLG

That’s the one I voted for too.

I definitely prefer VLG too. Both are good, but VLG is another level.

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