Best Songs By Letter- 21/27

After an exhausting shocker, ‘S’ goes to Stuart and the Ave! Who has today’s vote?

  • Take Back
  • Take The Money And Crawl
  • Tight Wad Hill
  • Too Dumb To Die
  • Too Much Too Soon
  • Tre Polka
  • Troubled Times
  • Troublemaker

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Maybe not the most popular choice but I always loved Tight Wad Hill


Going with Take the Money and Crawl. That and Junkies on a High are definitely the two best songs on FOAM; they should have made those singles.


Wow I actually really love most of these, this one might just be my hardest yet. Think its gonna be between TMAC, TMTS, Troubled Times or Troublemaker. Think I’ll have to come back to it, I can’t choose :sob:

Also yay for Stuart winning S, I wasn’t expecting it as it was quite behind last time I checked :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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TDTD is one of their best songs of the past 20 years


Hmm. Not a very interesting round. Insomniac by default! :person_shrugging:t2:

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