Best Songs By Letter- 17/27

Results are in- One Of My Lies is truly the winner of ‘O!’ In the last day before the wildcard, pick for ‘P.’

  • Panic Song
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Peacemaker
  • Place Inside My Head
  • Platypus (I Hate You)
  • Pollyanna
  • Poprocks And Coke
  • Private Ale
  • Prosthetic Head
  • Pulling Teeth

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Panic Song and Paper Lanterns of course. Glad we could choose two

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And again so many good songs! Gone with Panic Song which I just love and Poprocks and Coke which is a belter but what a list!,

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Thank you for letting me choose more than one, because this was tough.


This was a hard round for me because I’ve barely listened to GD since just before foamf came out so I literally had to Google every song here except Platypus because I’d forgotten how they go (and normally I vote based on which one gets stuck in my head first/is most memorable lol) :sweat_smile: Also didn’t even know what that Nimrod demo was until I googled it lol

I never cared much for peacemaker, panic song, or poprocks and coke, I’ve literally never listened to pollyana all the way through, so I had to go for platypus (the only one I remembered and like) and Paper lanterns (couldn’t remember it for some reason even though I know I used to really like it when I was more of a super fan lol). After jogging my memory, I do like Pulling Teeth, Prosthetic Head and Private Ale though, just clearly not the most memorable.

Another tough choice but going with Paper Lanterns.

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Good thing we got two choices because I can’t decide between Panic Song and Peacemaker.

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