Best Songs By Letter- 12/27

Day 11 draws to a close with Jesus of Suburbia winning ‘J!’ Though today’s vote is less eventful, we still must know- who has ‘K?’

  • Kill the DJ
  • King For A Day
  • Know Your Enemy

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Think this was the hardest yet because I love both KFAD and Kill The DJ. Even asked my bf to pick and he couldn’t choose either.

I ended up going for KFAD purely because it used to be my joint fave GD song (alongside Bang Bang), I don’t enjoy it as much these days though because I’ve heard it too many times :sweat_smile:


2 out of the 3 K songs are in my top 15 GD songs. Gotta go with KFAD though.

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I am really struggling between Kill The DJ and King For A Day; both are among my favorite GD songs ever.

Think I am going to have to go with King For A Day though, because thongs. :wink:

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Ill be the odd man and pick Know Your Enemy xD

KFAD I have gripes with because setlists but I would have no issues if it won xD