Best live album?

With Nimrod XXV out for 3 weeks now it got me thinking of Green Day’s other live albums and those sets that have been featured on other albums. So which one is your favorite?

  • Bullet in a Bible (Milton Keynes 2005)
  • Awesome as Fuck (A collection of performances from the 21st Century Breakdown Tour)
  • Green Day Live! Woodstock 1994 (RSD exclusive, recorded from the 1994 Woodstock show)
  • Nimrod XXV (Live at the electric factory 1997)

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*Note: Prague 1996 off of Insomniac 25 was left off due to only songs off of Insomniac being inculded on the record instead of the full show. EPs and the BBC sessions are also not inculded

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I wanna say my favorite not listed here is the On The Radio stuff. Most songs played on it are in a different tuning than on the original track


Oh On the Radio is good. Ill have to make a poll for the bootlegs and EPs next


Woodstock is so iconic, I’ve gotta pick it!