Alright so let me tell you my experience getting FOB tickets

I think in terms of a tour Green Day and FOB are on the same level. Not a ton of hype like Paramore or Blink-182 but enough that it can get frustrating/intimidating getting tickets. My biggest gripe with Fall Out Boy is a majoirty of good tickets were VIP only and no that didnt inculde a meet & greet which are a thing of the past. For pit if you see a good price dont hesitate just grab it because it will be yanked from you. Pit was only $150 for regular pricing which is decent by today’s standards. Pre sale honestly wasnt too bad but they should have done individual codes rather than just a main one in the emails

While a lot of stuff did pop up in the general sale by that point a majority was platinum pricing and wasnt worth it, even some prices more than the VIP ticket packages.

It seems either presale or a third party site like SeatGeek or Vivid Seats in the way to go. I scored pit for $250 (not including fees) which is better than the $470 for VIP pit

Update: pit for the date im going to now switched to platinum from VIP. So there is Ticketmaster’s shady business practices for ya


I always wait until the day of the show and buy them from desperate scalpers trying to just get rid of them when people don’t pay their insane markup! Glad you got tickets but I think you made a mistake buying them from a third party site when they just went on sale, in my experience that is the worst possible time to buy them.

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I strongly disgaree with your last comment. I played the waiting game for Panic! And all tickets prices dropped EXPECT pit. If anything I got them $100 cheaper because of Ticketmaster’s platium ticket policy