Album-Championship SEMI-FINAL 2!

Dookie is out! Atleast kind of. Dookie lost in the Semi against Insomniac and is not advancing to the next round, however it still has a chance to be 3rd Place! Today we have Semi-Final NR. 2 with American Idiot Vs. Kerplunk! Tomorrow we will see the Battle for 3rd Place and on Thursday we will see the grand Final!

  • American Idiot
  • Kerplunk!

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Kerplunk just gives me a warm happy feeling.


Ok now I’m rooting for another upset, because it would definitely be fun to have a Kerplunk/Tre vs Insomniac round lol. Can’t believe Insomniac made it to the final. :smiling_face_with_tear:


I can’t decide on what’s better. :joy: I’ll need to think about it, especially since it’s 50/50 as of now.


Let’s face it, Kerplunk is a better album than AI imo


While I love Kerplunk it feels like there would be hellfire and damnation if we voted for it over AI :joy::joy:


Would be kind of rightful. (shhhh) :grin: :shushing_face:


I could see Insomniac beating Dookie because they are kinda the same just one is less overplayed and darker but American Idiot vs Kerplunk feels more like a Major League Baseball team playing against a college baseball team lol. Kerplunk is great but I don’t think it compares at all


Decided to go with AI, despite the fact I really love Kerplunk lol.


Have to agree, I get that some people will personally prefer Kerplunk, but I just don’t think that objectively speaking it’s a better album than American Idiot. I mean, AI was a game changer, it was huge, and there was a marked cultural impact. Whereas Kerplunk is really one that only the real Green Day fans are gonna know, and imo the songs aren’t as strong. Idk maybe I’m just a sucker for a concept album.


Only reason I went with AI is due to the fact you can listen to any of the songs, but listening to the whole album tells a larger story. Even without the story aspect, it still shines more than Kerplunk, it’s more solid musically and lyrically. Kerplunk hits differently in many other ways, but for one I like that you can tell this album was from the early 90’s, it just has that vibe with the sound and lyrics.